Food & Merch Vendors and Artists

The food and merchandise/art vendors that will be setup in or near the Pavilion at Musomania.  Their products and creations will be for sale at reasonable prices at the Fest.  To be selected to vend at Musomania, a vendor must be excellent in some way; he either has good quality products and offers his products at reasonable prices, or his art is very special.  Musomania is committed to providing the very best possible festival experience to its attendees.  Interested vendors should call 317-250-8156.

Food Vendor


Merchandise & Art Vendors

Category:  Jewelry
Business:  Allison Jewelry

Category:  Artist - Ceramic Pot Thrower
BusinessBen Harpring Ceramics

Category:  Harmonicas and Ukuleles
BusinessBushman Music Works

Category:  Artist - Glass Blower
BusinessVolta Glass Studio featuring the legendary Huffy Glass