We Love Hoopers!

The flowing, rhythmic motion of hula hooping goes perfectly at a music fest.  We're so committed to that notion, that we're letting hula hoopers in free if they are able to waist hoop for 2 minutes without stopping, and if they bring their hoop with them to Musomania, and use it.  Of course, we hope you help us spread the word about Musomania and like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, and help us invite as many hula hoopers as possible, but those things are not required.  While you're at the Fest you might as well enter the Musomania Juried Hula Hoop Exhibition.  You could win a Hyperion Hoop pictured at the bottom of this page.  Read more...


Saturday, August 4, 2018
Starts at 1:00pm in the Concert Area of
Musomania Music & Arts Festival
3989 S 525 E, Columbus, IN 47203

~ Free entry into Fest and Exhibition
First prize is a highly coveted Hyperion Hoop!
see pic below

To win the Hyperion, show-up to our Exhibition and hoop for 1 minute, when instructed to, to the music of your choice (we probably have the music you want on hand), executing as many tricks as you can while trying your best to stay in rhythm with the song.  You will be scored on number of tricks, execution of those tricks, ability to stay in rhythm or be in sync with the song, and overall flow (beauty of the performance).  1st place will win a Hyperion Hoop.  2nd and 3rd place will win regular, good quality hoops.