Musomania Survival Guide

Each outdoor music festival has it's own, unique set of challenges.  For example, at Electric Forest and Coachella you MUST bring a banadana to cover your nose and mouth so that you don't breath-in all the dust and sand that kicks-up at those festivals; while at Musomania, a bandana would be nothing more than a fashion statement.  This guide is being written to all those attending Musomania.

CERAland Park, the home of Musomania, is the best festival venue in the USA.  Having blacktop drives, plenty of parking close to the Festival Area, lush green lawns, modern, well plumbed showers and restroom facilities, a waterpark, a general store and plenty of shade makes Musomania much easier to, not only survive, but enjoy.

The #1 thing to do to increase the fun you will experience at Musomania is to make a "Things to Bring" list, and the #1 thing on that list should be your fesitval ticket, but #2 should be sunscreen.  You could end-up in misery without it!

#3 is a hat, and #4 is sunglasses.  These aren't just suggestions people - these two items are a must if you're going to enjoy live music outdoors.  And it's important to actually print-out and use a "Things to Bring" list.  At other big festivals it's nearly impossible to leave the park, so forgetting an important item can be a devastating error.  At Musomania, WalMart is only 4 miles away, and it's easy to leave, but using a list is still a smart idea.

#5 is a lawn chair.  At most other festivals you can't bring lawn chairs into the Concert Area, at Musomania we want you to!  You can even leave your chairs setup where you want them in the Concert Area all weekend, insuring you'll always have a great seat.