Musomania Code of Conduct

This is not a list of rules; to see the Festival Rules click here.

Instead of telling you what NOT TO DO, our Code of Conduct tells you what TO DO to maximize your fun at Musomania.  Our Code has been learned from many years of festival experience - both as hosts and attendees.  Keeping the Code results in the way-cool vibe you feel when we come together. 

An easy way to remember all 5 parts of the Code is to remember that we are FED UP with certain aspects of the world outside of Musomania.  We're FED UP with hate in any form, especially when it results in the loss of innocent lives; Musomania stands for love.  We're FED UP with the loss of lives resulting from the abuse of heroin and other drugs; Musomania stands for life being lived free from all dangerous drugs - Our Drug is Music.  We're FED UP, and at least for Musomania weekend, we're going to enjoy our lives free from all of the things we are FED UP with.

F = Be a Friend - Have a fun, positive attitude.  Encourage others, be uplifting and helpful, be generous with high 5s, fist bumps and hugs.  Buy someone a drink.  Introduce yourself, and meet people.  Strike-up conversations.  You'll have lots in common with other Musomaniacs.  Look out for your fellow festies.  If you see someone who's had a little too much fun, see if they need water or some other help.  A festival is what you make it - the vibe you put out, is the vibe you'll get back.   

E = Express Yourself - If you're a musician and you're camping, bring your instruments.  Host a campfire jam at your campsite and invite your neighbors.  If you like expressing yourself by what you wear, become a festie fashionista.  Get inspiration from Instagram accounts like @bohocave and @festivalanimal.  Maybe you like camp cooking - host a cookout at your campsite and make breakfast for your neighbors.  You get the idea.  Musomania is about the freedom to express yourself.

D = Dance - Bob Dylan encouraged us to "dance beneath the diamond sky with on hand waving free", and we're going to heed his words.  Life is too short not to dance.  Even if you don't dance in public the other 362 days of the year, you should dance at Musomania.  You can go barefoot in the Concert Area; so kick off your shoes and shake your booty.

U = Pick-Up Trash - We are very lucky that Musomania is held at CERAland - one of Indiana's most beautiful parks.  We want CERAland to invite us back for years to come.  Let's make sure we always leave the park cleaner than we found it.  Help us by picking up any trash you generate and putting it in the trash cans.

P = Come Prepared - The first weekend in August can get hot.  Stay hydrated - we'll have water for sale in the Pavilion for 50 cents a bottle - and you're welcome to bring your own non-alcoholic drinks into the festival area.  Also, bring plenty of sunblock and climate-appropriate clothing.  If you're camping, check out our Survival Guide.  Actually, our Survival Guide is worth checking out even if you're not camping.


Musomania Lingo

Campground - This includes the 324 campsites that have water and electric hook-ups of which 112 are deluxe sites equipped with sewer.  All of the sites in the Campground are reserved through and managed by CERAland.  The Campground does not include Primitive Camping.

Main Stage - The main music performance stage is located in the Pavilion.

Fest Gate - It's the entrance located at the east side of the Pavilion through which all who enter Musomania come through.  You will present your tickets that you purchased in advance and trade them for Musomania wristbands, be searched to make sure you are not bringing weapons, outside alcohol, glass bottles, or any other dangerous items into Musomania.

Festival Area - This is the entire area where Musomania happens.  Everyone in this area must be wearing their Musomania wristband.  It is entirely enclosed with a border.  The entire Festival Area is also considered a "Beer Garden" where beer and wine can legally be purchased and consumed.  The Festival Area includes the Fest Gate, the Pavilion, the Main Stage and the Concert Area.

Front Gate - The first of 2 gates you will go through to get into Musomania.  You will be asked for the ticket you printed out at home so you can trade it for your Musomania wristband.  If you didn't purchase a ticket in advance, you can get one at the Front Gate.  If you are camping, you will check-in and get your site tag when you arrive at the Front Gate.

Musomania - An obsession with music.  A kind of monomania in which the passion for music becomes so strong as to derange the intellectual faculties.

Musomaniac - An attendee of Musomania.

Park - This is the entire CERAland Park located at 3989 S 525 E, Columbus, Indiana 47203.  The Festival Area, the Concert Area, the water park, the mini golf course, the lake and paddle boats, and the Campground are all areas in the Park.  We will always respect and protect the Park, and keep it clean.

Pavilion - The Park calls it the Parkview Shelter House, we call it the Pavilion.  It's where Main Stage is located, beer and wine is sold, the art exhibits are setup, and all other vendors are setup selling their wares. 

Primtive Camping - Is the open field tent camping area located right next to the Pavilion.  The are no electric or water hook-ups for these sites, but the advantage of going Primitive is that you're camping right near where all the festivities are happening.